Ted Laurent Ticats man in the middle

Ted Laurent anchors the middle of the Ticats defensive line

The Tiger-Cats have allowed the fewest yards rushing in the CFL this season, and when you look at the defensive tackles who plug the middle of the D-line, you get a good idea as to why. They average 300 pounds. Ted Laurent is one of the men in the middle. The 26-year old Montreal native is thoroughly enjoying his first year in Hamilton.

Ted Laurent has become an integral part of the Ticats front four and he surely proved it last week in Winnipeg, sacking Drew Willy twice, helping the Cats to their third straight win.

Defensive Tackle Ted Laurent: “Three in a row is a lot of fun, lots of smiles, lots of laughing. But at the same time we got to go to work and be humble and get this fourth win.”

At six foot one and 303 pounds, Laurent is an intimidating, yet soft-spoken Ole Miss alum. After three difficult seasons in Edmonton, the Montreal native became a free agent in February, and was thrilled to be picked-up by the Ticats in June because he thought he’d have a better shot at the Grey Cup with Hamilton.

Head Coach Kent Austin: “He’s fit in tremendously. Good guy. Plays hard, and I think he’s enjoying his time here.”

With so many changes on the D-line this season — especially the loss of defensive captain Brian Bulcke — Laurent is now being looked-upon for leadership, and he’s mentoring young Canadian tackles Lynden Gaydosh and Michael Atkinson.

Ted Laurent: “Just trying to teach them about the game in the CFL and whatever they need, just come talk to me. I’ve been doing this, the fourth year in the league. I know a few things, a few tricks, so whenever they need help, I’m here to help them.”

As a team, the Ticats recorded 20 sacks in the month of September alone — they only had 12 in the months before that. Laurent has six so far, and says there’s more to come:
“The model for last week was dominate, so we’re just gonna’ have to keep doing what we do and dominate.”