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If the numbers are right, you most likely got a smart home appliance this Christmas.

From controlling the lights to finding that perfect roast beef recipe, some people can’t imagine their lives without one.

But for some, having a private company’s recording device in their home is still a little concerning.

If that’s the case, you may not want to hear what tech expert Michael Hainsworth says is a worst case scenario for those with a smart speaker.

Like its competitors, Google’s privacy policy says that their home devices only listen and record what you say when it hears “Hey Google”

If you’re still uncomfortable, there’s a button to shut the microphone off.

Even if you don’t have a smart speaker, your phone’s applications can also tune in, and when it comes to your internet search history, keep your WiFi on lock down.

To double down on security, a virtual privacy network or VPN can be bought for about $150.

Michael Hainsworth says WiFi access points in malls, airports and cafes are the most vulnerable, so try not to go shopping while in those areas and if you are, he recommends buying a VPN app which can be used on your phone to keep your activities protected.