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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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McMaster scientists find way to break down, recycle rubber from tires

Scientists at McMaster University say they have found a way to help eliminate and prevent the major environmental concerns and dangers caused by stockpiled...

McMaster University researchers make a discovery that could lead to treatment...

Scientists from McMaster University have found a potent antimicrobial that works against the toughest infectious disease strains. The discovery could be the beginning of the...

McMaster University invents new life-saving vaccine method

Researchers at McMaster University have invented a new storage method that can transport life-saving vaccines to previously inaccessible parts of the world. The invention is...

Scientists in schools

Science is what makes the world work and explains why it works.  So it's important to get kids on board early, which is what...

E. Coli testing

Meat recalls can be costly for producers and deadly for consumers. But a device created in London, Ontario could change that. Scientists have developed...

Beating baldness

A new study is raising hope for tackling baldness. Japanese scientists say they've succeeded in growing hair on bald mice. ...

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Police raid in Burlington

It was a show of force rarely seen in Burlington. A heavily armoured truck carrying more than a dozen OPP officers looking more like the...

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Remembering Lincoln Alexander

Tonight Hamilton raised a toast to Lincoln Alexander, the first black Member of Parliament in the country and the first black Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

Billy Mason murder trial delayed

Police raid in Burlington