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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Graduation day for aspiring chefs of a program aimed at helping...

Hamilton's first low-income cooking school students have graduated and hit the labour market. As Lisa Hepfner reports, it was a ceremony full of moist eyes...

New Hamilton program aims to help people out of poverty through...

A new program co-sponsored by the city of Hamilton is teaching people who are living in poverty the necessary skills in a kitchen to...

McMaster Students run to end poverty

Engineers without borders mission is to end poverty both locally and around the world. The McMaster chapter held their annual charity run it's called...

The high cost of being poor in Ontario

A new report released today suggests it’s very expensive to maintain people in poverty in Ontario. Feed Ontario, formerly the Ontario Association of...

Basic income results

The clock is ticking down to March 25th, that's when the last cheques to more than 4 000 people on Ontario's basic income pilot...

Hamiltonians on the basic income project worry they’ll be pushed back...

Emotional stories were shared today at city hall from Hamiltonians who say they will once again face poverty after the provincial government's move to...

Poverty Reduction fund

As the province announces millions in funding in an effort to eliminate poverty, a Hamilton anti-poverty group says there is still work to be...

National Poverty Summit held in Hamilton

Hamilton has the fourth highest number of people living in poverty in the province. On Tuesday the city played host to the National Poverty summit...

Hamilton poverty

One in five children in the greater Hamilton area are living in poverty, that according to a new study by the city. The report...

Frontier city

Toronto is so much more than the hulking city down the QEW, that so many people are moving away from.  Columnist and author Shawn...

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Remembering Lincoln Alexander

Tonight Hamilton raised a toast to Lincoln Alexander, the first black Member of Parliament in the country and the first black Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

Billy Mason murder trial delayed

Police raid in Burlington