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MRI wait times

A Fort Erie man says he is being forced to…
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October is breast cancer awareness month
October means breast cancer awareness month

The first day of October means breast cancer awareness month…
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St. Joseph’s gets new MRI

Another milestone has been reached in the redevelopment of St….
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Entertaining patients during MRI scans

It was initially purchased to help older children get through…
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Benefits of diagnostic imaging

Questions are being raised about the benefits of diagnostic imaging…
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Hamilton robot treats cancer

A Hamilton-made robot that can both detect and treat breast…
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MRI shows inside womb at birth

New MRI images reveal what it looks like inside a…
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MRI and cancer treatment

Getting chemotherapy before breast cancer surgery can mean the difference…
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MRI’s and vertigo

Doctors at Johns Hopkins University have figured out why having…
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Baby’s brains in tune

A study out of London shows babies are surprisingly in…
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