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Keto done right

The latest craze in dieting is the keto diet, but are you doing it right? Naturopathic author and physician Dr. Kate Rheaume was here...

Fall flavour calories

Fall officially begins tomorrow but one of the surest signs of the season popped up weeks ago. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back...

Tips for fighting belly fat

Look around you: not everyone has a magazine-perfect flat belly. Lots of us have belly fat. In fact, naturopath Joyce Johnson tells us it's a...

Fat blasting gluten free

Who doesn't want a flat belly? Gluten free expert Kathy Smart is here to share her all natural tips to help those eating gluten...

Freezing fat away

Canadian and U.S. plastic surgeons are using a new method to reduce body fat. It's considered an alternative to liposuction involving no needles or...

Cooking with tofu

Tofu, also called bean curd, is a food that has a low calorie count and lots of protein. Chef Michael P Clive is...

Fat burner

Researchers have isolated a new type of energy-burning cell known as "beige fat." They say it may have therapeutic potential for aiding weight...

Healthy summer food

Lori's at Whole Foods in Oakville, finding out about healthy summer food that's good for you, with a focus on vegetables and salads made...

Does NYC pop ban go too far?

It seems that more and more these days, politicians and legislators are making laws to protect us from ourselves. Seat belts, motorcycle helmets, and...

Cooking with Greek yogurt

Looking to cut the fat in your favorite dishes? Chef Anthony Sedlak is here to show us how, using Oikos Greek yogurt....

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