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Ontario reports 1,250 COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths

Ontario reported 1,250 cases of COVID-19 and 22 deaths on Friday, as Health Canada is set to announce the approval of a fourth vaccine. The...

Ontario reports 994 COVID-19 cases and 10 deaths

Ontario reported 994 cases of COVID-19 and 10 deaths on Thursday, as the province says it will extend the interval between vaccine doses. The province...

Ontario reports 958 COVID-19 cases, 17 deaths

Ontario reported 958 cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday as vaccinations begin in our region for people 80 and older. The daily case count comes as...

Ontario reports 966 COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths

Ontario reported 966 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, as another 979 cases have been marked as resolved. Tuesday's numbers come as the province completed 30,767 tests....

Ontario reports 1,258 COVID-19 cases, 28 deaths

Ontario reports 1,258 cases of COVID-19 and 28 deaths on Friday. This comes as the province completed 64,049 tests. The reported positivity rate, which takes...

Ontario reports 1,138 COVID-19 cases, 23 deaths

Ontario reported 1,138 cases of COVID-19 and 23 deaths on Thursday. This comes as the province completed 66,351 tests. The positivity rate is 2 per...

Ontario reports 1,054 COVID-19 cases, nine deaths

Ontario reported 1,054 cases of COVID-19 and nine deaths on Wednesday, as the province provided more information on its vaccination plan. READ: Hillier details Ontario’s COVID-19...

Ontario reports 975 COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths

Ontario reports 975 cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths on Tuesday. The daily case count comes as the province completed 25,979 tests. The reported positivity...

Ontario reports 1,058 COVID-19 cases, 11 deaths

Ontario reported 1,058 cases of COVID-19 and 11 deaths on Monday, as the stay-at-home order is lifted in York Region. The numbers come as the...

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