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Donald Trump pays his first visit to the White House

Despite previously being in the same room numerous times and sharing many political jabs throughout the years, President-elect Donald Trump said that he and...

Are Americans heading North?

Over the course of the U.S. election we've heard the threats "if Donald Trump becomes President, I'm moving to Canada!". Now that Trump has...

Tourism Surge

After years of staying home because of passport requirements American tourists are back and making the most of their strong dollar. Tens of thousands...

Zika Virus twitter Q & A

With March break less than a month away, a lot of people have concerns about catching the Zika virus while on vacation. The mosquito-borne...

Exclusive // Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been earning rave reviews since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Heading into awards season there are good chances...

A wall between the U.S and Canada?

It's a pretty strange and bizarre idea - building a wall along Canada's border with the U.S. It all started when Donald Trump said...

Stock markets rebound

The Toronto stock exchange followed a powerful buying spree of stocks in New York today. Investors returned billions of dollars into the markets...

Obama pushing for American support to punish Syria

U.S. President Obama is calling for Americans to support punishment for Syria for purportedly gassing its own people. In a televised speech last night, Obama...

Fast food in Asia

The popularity of western-style fast food in Asia is taking a toll. American researchers have found Chinese adults who eat it twice a...

U.S. Iraq vet dies after roller coaster fall

Officials at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort in New York state are investigating after an American army veteran died after being thrown from a...

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Hamilton police investigate ‘indecent act’ in west end

Hamilton police are searching for a suspect in connection with an “indecent act” in the city’s west end. Police say a person was...

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Hamilton man charged in alleged phone fraud scam

A 26-year-old Hamilton man is facing six charges in an alleged phone fraud scam. Toronto police say the man approached his victims by pretending to...