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Superior court judge to sentence 4 people in ‘torture killing’ of Tommy Hoang

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A superior court judge is preparing to pass sentence on four people convicted in what’s described as the torture-killing of a Hamilton man.  

In court on Friday, a Crown prosecutor described the brutal beating that led to the death of Tommy Hoang in an east Hamilton apartment in February 2021.

Family members and friends were in court for the testimony as they recalled the victim in this case, 30-year-old Tommy Hoang.

“They tortured him. They tortured poor Tommy to death. That’s unbelievable. If you guys knew, he was the sweetest guy, the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, nicest guy you could ever meet,” said Regis Lemke, Hoang’s friend.

The Crown prosecutor said Hoang was ambushed by people who wanted to rob him, motivated by greed.

Continuing she explained how his throat was slashed, he had a fractured skull and numerous wounds and bite marks.

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“Biggest hugs and of course all the thoughts come back up again. Us being together at his place, family functions and all those photos he’s got a big smile on his face. He was he’s just a very genuine warm welcoming person and very sweet so it’s been really hard, its hard on the family and my own kids,” said Carrie Beale a friend of Hoang.

Four people were charged, and one pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

The others faced manslaughter charges, including Robyn Cove who was in court Friday.

Cove is one of three accused in this case who pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The judge says he’ll sentence those three together at the same time.

Manslaughter carries a potential life sentence, but in court, the Crown argued for a sentence of ten years for Cove, reduced to about five and a half years with time served in custody.

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The defence is asking for six years, which she says would be reduced to about time served.

She says since the accused pleaded guilty there was no trial to examine evidence.

Defence Lawyer Leora Shemesh argues Cove did not physically do anything to contribute to the death of Mr. Hoang.

“It won’t ever be enough. I know they pled guilty because they knew they were going to get worse,” said Beale a friend of Hoang.

“The whole thing is awful this whole thing is awful and now my niece doesn’t have a dad,” said Lemke a friend of Hoang.

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