Sunflower farm forced to close after tourists cause chaos on the roads

An abundance of tourists checking out sunflower blooms forced Bogel Seeds to shut down their farm in Flamborough.

They flocked from as far away as British Columbia for a chance to take pictures of these bright golden sunflowers.

“It was posted on Facebook they would have showings and they were charging people to come in. Facebook, gets around real quick.”

Bus loads of people, causing traffic chaos in the area of Highway Six and Safari Road.

Brad Bogle says well over 7,000 people descended on his property. “There were so many people they jammed Highway Six, they jammed up Safari and all the side roads and finally the police came to us and said we have to shut this down.”

Many crossing the busy highway, even walking in live lanes with children just to catch a glimpse of over a million blooming sunflowers. Until Hamilton Police, the OPP and the Ministry of Transportation were called to help.

“Anything for public safety, we don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Bogle Seeds opened a week ago to tourists and artists hoping to capture that perfect image of these flowers that for many symbolize power, loyalty and longevity.

“Everything was going great. People were fantastic, friendly, inquisitive, lovely even and then all of a sudden on Saturday it just blew up!”

Bogle was forced to close the farm today but it didn’t seem to deter the curious and neighbours have been complaining.

“People can’t get into their homes, I’ve had people telling me people are going through their mailboxes and one neighbour tell me that he saw people going to the bathroom in the bushes in his front yard.”

Brad Bogle says his family is feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

This was the second year they opened to tourists with another event planned for 2021. After this weekend’s response though, the family has doubts they’ll do this again in the future.


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