Students at McMaster university are speaking out about rape culture on campus

McMaster university says in the last school year there were 90 reports of sexual violence made on campus. The associate VP of the equity and inclusion group at McMaster says of those approximately 60 complaints of sexual assault, only five decided to move forward with an investigation.

Student activist Deanna Allain says that could be because survivors of sexual assault on campus aren’t being heard.

“The more am learning about the prevalence of rape culture on campus, the more disappointed I am learning about the inaction from McMaster university and the blatant complacency and ignorance from McMaster student union”.

Allain is referring to allegations of sexual assault made against the MSU Maroons a hype group, meant to cheer on other Mauraders and provide a safe space for new students. As the university newspaper the Sillouette has reported, several people have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by members of the group.

It’s unclear who the allegations are against. Adding that there could be consequences after the conclusion of sexual assault investigations. Both student advocates and staff agree, much more work needs to be done to support survivors, and to prevent sexual violence.

Another concern student Deanna Allain had was that the person who currently works in the role of sexual violence response co-ordinator is leaving leaving that position vacant.

The associate VP of the equity and inclusion group saying that role will without a doubt be filled, and hopefully similar roles will be added come September.