Storm causes flooding

In most parts of our viewing area this evening — there’s very little evidence of last night’s powerful storm. With warm temperatures and sunny skies, today was a beautiful day to be outdoors. But not everyone escaped the heavy downpour unharmed.

At times, the rain was so loud last night, it almost drowned out the thunder. While last night’s storm kept many people tossing and turning, it was what the Southbrook Golf and Country Club work up to that’s the real nightmare.

This isn’t a water hazard. It’s the worst flooding the Southbrook Golf & Country Club has seen in 20 years.

Roger Kelley is Turf Manager with Southbrook Golf and Country Club: “Probably a good 9 holes that are unplayable. And will probably be unplayable for another week.”

With today’s perfect conditions, turf manager roger kelley says the course should be packed with golfers. instead, they’re closed. and now, southbrook is hoping for dryer conditions to reopen as soon as possible.

Roger said: “It hurts us a lot because we’ve been having a difficult time getting going anyway. We get a flood like this and this sets us back another two weeks.”

Just down the street. More flooding. Rising water levels washed out parts of the shoulder on Kirk Road in Binbrook.

Ildiko Bakai is a Binbrook resident: “We saw all the way there up until there coming so heavily the water. We could hear it.”

A creek running through Ildiko Bakai’s property swelled over the banks. But there was minimal damage.

Water levels have since receded but Bakai says from about 6:30 to 7:30 this morning, from where I’m standing right now to this fence, the water would have been up to my hips.

Phillip Edey from Arctic Spas in Burlington said they weren’t so lucky: “We have about 20-thousand square feet and I’d say about three quarters of it has been flooded.”

When the business opened this morning, water that had seeped off the roof through the pipes, was pouring through the front doors.

Phillip said: “We’ve been at this location for three years and this hasn’t happened before so this was a bit of a shock today.”

While a lot of their products that are meant to weather the elements will be ok. Their boxed goods, indoor saunas and grill houses are not.


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