Stoney Creek storm aftermath

The storm is keeping roofing and waterproofing businesses busy Monday, as many in and around the area are scrambling for repairs.

Homes on Windemere were hit the hardest by this relentless storm, the flooding has not subsided yet as the waves are still crashing over the break wall but many others are dealing with with more minor problems that can turn into major issues if they are not dealt with right away, including the city’s water treatment plant that has been on over drive dealing with all this storm water.

Roofing companies are trying to keep up with all the calls Monday.

A home in Welland had to have Precision Roofing is replacing shingles that blew off.

Others are dealing with basement flooding, RCC Waterproofing normally get 20 calls a day, on Monday they have gotten nearly 200.

RCC says there are a number of things home owners can do to prevent flooding, like diverting water from down spouts away from the home and don’t build a shed or garage close to the house.

The City’s Water Treatment Plant is on bypass mode, meaning too much water is coming in and it needs to move through quickly.

“When we reach above that capacity, we have to bypass. when we see these high flows, we end up bypassing some of our water out to the harbour.” The manager of the water treatment plant Andrew Grice says bypassing the water to the harbour only happens about 3 times a year.

Grice says there are 9 waste water tanks throughout the city of hamilton. all of them are full, some have over flown. “There are large underground tanks that hold water in events of heavy rain. The water is continuously coming. We have to do something”

The city is reminding homeowners to clear catch basins around their property if it is safe to do so, so that the water does not flood the street. And while the rain has stopped, the overflow at the water plant is expected to continue for the next 12 hours as accumulated water passes through.


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