Stewart entitled to $1M severance after losing job following Caribbean vacation

Dr. Tom Stewart, former CEO of St. Joseph’s Health System, will be entitled to a large severance after being fired following a Caribbean holiday.

“St. Joseph’s Health System and Dr. Thomas Stewart have parted ways on a without cause basis. His requested vacation was Board approved,” said a statement from board chair sister Anne Anderson.

“All terms of Dr. Stewart’s contract will be upheld by both parties.”

His contract entitles him to a severance package of over $1 million if he’s fired without cause.

Stewart had travelled to the Dominican Republic in December, despite public health guidance asking people to avoid non-essential travel.

Winnie Doyle has been appointed interim president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health System, effective Jan. 18.


  1. Dr. Tom Stewart should not be entitled to severance pay at all. He willingly disobeyed the government protocols to not travel unnecessarily. His salary is paid for by the government via the tax payers. Hence he voluntarily did not follow his bosses directives. If anyone else doesn’t listen to their boss on such serious matters as life or death, they can be fired without severance as well. He doesn’t deserve a penny more from the tax payers. That money should be better spent on hiring more nurses and purchasing necessary equipment to cope with Covid 19.

  2. This guy should NOT Receive another dime from Ontario. This is BS. Why not give the money towards food banks. He can go on vacation, he can eat. People are struggling out here.

    Absolutely disgusting. ,shame on all parties.

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