Starving horse has a baby


There’s a new addition tonight at the “Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue” in Crystal Beach. He’s a tiny miniature horse that Last Chance is calling its big miracle.

Malakye is only 30 hours old and his legs are still wobbly.

Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue owner Sharron Allen knew something was happening at the stable early Monday morning when “Lucky”, one of her recent rescues, was causing a commotion.

She walked into Noelle’s stall next to Lucky’s and was shocked: “A baby, a baby. We have a baby. I was really excited!”

A 20-pound baby who’s already playing with Sharron’s granddaughter.

Sharron: “But what a pleasant surprise. And would have known then they walked in the door. Who would have know that something so wonderful like this would have happened.”

Late last year, Noelle and Lucky were dumped on Last Chance’s doorstep. Both were starving. They had skin conditions. Sharron says without people donating money for care, both Lucky and Noelle wouldn’t have made it.

Malakye is the first horse ever born at Last Chance. In a few months, he could be joining the other miniatures visiting nursing homes. The residents there love them.

Sharron’s vet wasn’t positive Noelle was even pregnant. And if she was, they weren’t expecting a foal for weeks.

Sharron: “And look how beautiful he is. And look at this now. It’s a miracle. It’s an actual miracle.”

There was also a miracle how Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue can do what it does because it needs thousands every month just to feed and care for these horses.


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Deborah says:

Such a nice story and a great organization with rescuing these horses. Now a baby miniature that looks healthy and seems healthy and happy. 🙂

Angie says:

I love animal feel good stories !!

Armand says:

What a great feel good story

Diane says:

Wow nice surprise and nice to see baby is ok

ariadne89 says:

They didn’t notice a starving (presumably skinny) horse was pregnant?

MarieJB51 says:

What a nice surprise. Malakye will be a nice addition.

DRFosh says:

It’s nice to see peoples generosity can save animals that have been abandoned. It’s a nice thought.

hamiltonfan says:

Just a great, heartwarming story

Triski says:

Cute alert! People always love to see baby animals. This story is so much better than the sad one of the dead animals and the stolen van.