Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s that time of year again. Our annual dose of Star Wars arrives with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the eighth episode of the Skywalker Saga. Directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper), the film stars an ensemble cast of returning and new actors including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran, Laura Dern, and Benicio del Toro.

In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks age old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.

In an interview with Johnson spoke about how he developed the film’s story lines. “I had an instinct as to where it made sense for it to go, but I was very much just trying to really, genuinely, get into the heads of the characters in VII. I just made a list of all the things I knew about all the characters, including Luke. Because, obviously, you don’t learn much about Luke in VII, but you learn a lot about the circumstances under which he’s made this decision to take himself out of the fight. So my goal was really just to make something that felt like a straight line going forward from VII that made sense to me.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is rated PG.