St. Catharines murder



A woman in St. Catharines is dead after what neighbours describe as a violent attack.

The parking lot behind the three-story building remains cordoned off as it has been since the incident took place. The body of the victim, a middle-aged woman was removed in the last hour or so.   Police won’t release the identity or the motive for what may have caused this vicious attack. Unconfirmed reports saw she was the victim of a stabbing.

Constable Derek Watson is with Niagara Regional Police: “There was obvious signs of trauma to the body. However cause of death we certainly don’t have at this point.”

At 4:50 Thursday afternoon, residents of 128 St. Augustine Drive had the mundane broken by the unbelievable.

Murray Wiggand is a neighbour: “Then all of a sudden, the police come around the corner sideways, I said gee whiz, what’s he going so fast for.”

EMS tried to save the woman while police tried to give pursuit.

Murray said: “And one of the cops went right by, like 100 miles an hour by and around the corner and I said ‘yeah, they’re chasing somebody.”

NRPS have one man in custody and are not looking for anyone else.
Many of the residents are shocked because this is such a quiet neighbourhood. There is a man in custody, arrested away from the location of the murder after possibly a brief chase. Charges are pending.


  1. It is absolutely scary that something like this would happen in my hometown, especially because I think murders in St. Catharines are incredibly rare. It’s also scary that it’s the first murder in the Niagara Region for 2014.

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