Skates of ex NHL player stolen

A local hockey legend and hall of famer is asking a thief to return something very sentimental to him. Marcel Dionne had his childhood skates on display at his memorabilia shop in Niagara Falls. Someone stole them, and a picture of a young Dionne wearing them.

Sometime after March 16th, Dionne’s first pair of skates that he got when he was 2 and a half were taken. He’s just starting to go through the surveillance video.

Don Luce played 14 seasons in the NHL and was on Dionne’s Kings team in 1980 for ten games, he was disappointed to hear about the skates being taken. While there is a $10,000 reward for the return of the skates and photograph, Marcel Dionne says if whoever took them wants to just drop them off at the store, he’d gladly take them back no questions asked.

A restaurant owner in Buffalo, who was a former stick boy for the Sabres, a team Dionne never even played for, has put up the $10,000 reward for the return of the skates and the photograph.