Silent Protest at Hamilton City Hall during Police Services Board Meeting

A silent protest was held at Hamilton City Hall this afternoon during a police services board meeting. The participants wanted to make their disappointment known in the selection of the new citizen board member, which they say doesn’t adequately represent the city’s diversity.

About a dozen people in council chambers, held up signs reading representation matters. They did not disturb the meeting at all, nor did they make any noise, but they’re hoping actions speak louder than words.

Lyla Myklos is an LGBTQ activist and was one of the 22 people who applied to sit on the Hamilton Police Services Board as a civilian voice, representing the city.
Myklos and other protesters were hoping the city-appointed position would go to a more diverse candidate. Last month, the announcement that retired Zip Signs president Fred Bennink was chosen, drew criticism, as he joined the seven member board made mostly of white, heterosexual men.

Among the candidates were also diversity advocate Evelyn Myrie and social work professor Ameil Joseph, both were also interviewed.
But critics say that’s the other issue, the interview process. With many saying they felt rushed and weren’t asked relevant questions.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger, board chair says he agrees there needs to be more diversity.

Myklos, who organized the sit-in, says this is just the beginning of them, trying to have their voices heard.