Shutdown on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers in Washington are searching for common ground, hoping to strike a deal to end the partial government shut down that began late last night.

Disagreements over how to fund border security have fueled the debate, but the senate adjourned tonight, still with no deal in sight.

Roughly a quarter of the federal government shut down at midnight on Friday, forcing the departments of homeland security, justice, housing and urban development, as well as other government agencies to close.

For days, the debate stalled on Capitol Hill.

The main point of contention, President Trump’s request for five billion dollars to construct a wall along the southern border of the U.S.

But Senate Democrats disagree, shifting the blame back to the president.

Lawmakers hope to have a deal nailed down this weekend, but President Trump warned the shutdown could go on for days if no agreement is met.

Lawmakers will return to Capitol Hill on Monday, but some fear it could be after Christmas before any real progress is made.