A Classic Show With A Modern Twist!

Tiny Talent Time takes you back to a refreshing era of tap-dancing tots

and pint-sized magicians….

We give them a platform to showcase their developing talent, just for the fun of it!



Tiny Talent Time…

is a modern take on a classic talent show for children. No competition. No judges. Just the pure joy and excitement of talented kids performing on stage. CHCH brought the beloved show back as part of its 60th Birthday celebrations in 2014. Now in its third season, the new Tiny Talent Time showcases musicians, dancers, variety acts, athletes and everything in between. Through off-the-cuff ‘backstage’ interviews, as well as short documentaries, each episode gives audiences a glimpse into what it takes for these pint-sized performers to do what they do. Tiny Talent Time celebrates the talents of our local youth.




Our history…

began in the golden age of television, right here on CHCH. The original series spanned 35 years from 1957 to 1992, and it was one of CHCH’s most popular shows. The original Tiny Talent Time became one the longest running and most-loved family shows in Canadian history, and reflected a refreshing era of tap-dancing tots and mini-magicians sharing their talents just for the fun of it. The concept was designed as a younger version of CHCH founder Ken Soble’s Amateur Hour — which originated on local radio station CHML in 1931. Notable Tiny Talent Time alumni include politician Sheila Copps, famed ballet dancer Frank Augustyn, TV personality Liza Fromer, acclaimed ventriloquist Kirwan Massey and recording artist Deborah Cox.



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