Sex Ed protest at Queen’s Park

Thousands of protesters demonstrated outside Queen’s Park today demanding that premier Kathleen Wynne roll back planned changes to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum. Demonstrators say the province’s “modernization” goes far beyond what’s acceptable. This is the second time a protest has been held, hundreds showed up to one in February calling for the same and after that protest the Premier, who is openly gay said some of the opposition was motivated by homophobia.

They were loud and some of them were angry, “I’m a bible believing man, and I believe God made us male and female for a start off so I don’t want any lesbian teaching my grandchildren how to behave.”

The protesters are demanding that the liberal government withdraw its controversial new sex-education curriculum and give parents more say in the content. The updated version covers same-sex relationships in grade 3, on-line bullying in grade 4, masturbation in grade 6 and the dangers of sexting, in grade 7.

“Every single change that is in that curriculum relates directly to the health and safety of the children of Ontario.” According to the Education Minister, Liz Sandals the dialogue around the new curriculum has shifted from the legitimate concerns of parents, to flat out, partisan propaganda pushed by the conservative opposition which the conservatives deny:

“I’m meeting everyday parents across the province who are concerned about this. They’re concerned about the government telling them as parents what’s age appropriate for their kids.” Says Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton.

And they also seem to be concerned about what role disgraced former Deputy Education Minister, Ben Levin played in developing the new curriculum. For the moment however the government is holding firm and expects to roll out the new view of human sexuality to Ontario students this September.