Second degree murder trial begins for Peter Khill

It’s a killing that never should have happened. That’s what the Crown said in its opening arguments today regarding the second-degree murder trial of Peter Khill who shot and killed 29 year old Jonathan Styres of Six Nations, who was allegedly stealing Khill’s truck.

The Crown said in their opening arguments today that Styres was shot twice at close range with a shotgun and one of those shots came from behind.

It was 3 in the morning on February 4th 2016 was Jonathan Styres was shot dead by Peter Khill. In Khill’s driveway on Highway 56 in Glanbrook.

In it’s opening remarks, the Crown alleges Styres was trying to steal Khill’s 15 year old pickup truck. The lock had been punched in. Khill got out of bed, grabbed his shotgun, loaded it with two shells and left his house.

The Crown says Styres was shot beside the truck and that the jury will hear the muzzle of the shotgun was less than 12 feet from Styres chest.

Two shots were fired, one hit him in the chest and the other in the back of his right shoulder. Both were lethal.

The jury heard Styres died in the mud, lying next to the truck with a screwdriver near one hand and a shotgun shell lying by his feet.

Khill’s girlfriend, who heard the shots from the house, called 911.

Khill’s defense lawyer admitted his client, who has pleaded not guilty, fired the two shots and they caused the death of Styres.

The jury will have to decide if the shooting was justified and if it was second degree murder.

Khill has been out on bail since shortly after his arrest and sat with his lawyers in court today.

Family and supporters for both Khill and Styres filled the court.

The judge had previously told the jury that Styres was indigenous and Khill is white and asked during the selection process whether they would be impartial given the races of the accused and victim.

The first three witnesses were Hamilton Police officers who responded to the shooting call.


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