Screen time challenge

There’s a new social media challenge meant to hold people accountable for how much time is spent staring at phone screens.  For some it’s a habit, while others admit it’s an out of control addiction, spending 60 hours a week glued to their device.

A new initiative on Twitter called the #ScreenTimeChallenge has people posting their statistics of how many minutes or hours they spend on their phones per day.

Most cells have the feature, on iPhones go into settings, then screentime. It breakdowns how long you’ve spent on your phone throughout the day or week and reveals how the time was used; social media, reading, or doing work.

The Canadian pediatric society says children between the ages of 2 to 5 should not be looking at a screen for longer than 1 hour a day, adding that studies show excessive screen time in children can lead to developmental delays, as well as attention and memory problems.