Scientology rehab facility roadblocked

A controversial drug rehabilitation company with links to scientology is looking to set up shop in rural Milton, but the town is fighting back. The town has denied the application, citing a zoning issue, and the application will now go before the Ontario Municipal Board at the end of next month. Narconon advertises itself as a non-medial rehabilitation program, using unconventional methods – like spending 5 hours a day ina a sauna and taking mega doses of vitamins.

The company wants to open up shop in Milton, and have purchased a property on Milburough Line. The town says this type of facility doesn’t belong on an isolated country road. Councillor Cindy Lunau maintains the property is not zoned for for institutional use.

In addition to the zoning concerns, there are other red flags. Narconon has made headlines in past years after 3 people died at one of it’s facilities in the U.S.

Councillor Lunau says the main concern from residents in the area is that this privately owned facility would change their neighbourhood and be using municipal services at the expense of the taxpayer.


  1. This Narconon opening must be prevented at all costs. If this Narconon iopens, it will be tax burden on residents. The Quebec Human Rights Commission decision details how this program violates human rights and discriminates. More than 14 people have DIED inside Narconons. Narconon is 100% Scientology and when one examines the facts in detail, it becomes apparent that the church of Scientology and Narconon itself is, in effect, virtually undiluted Scientology as published today at:

    For more information on Narconon, visit NARCONON EXPOSED at:

  2. This news coverage is so important. Narconon is another front group for Scientology and the teachings of L Ron Hubbard. In the meantime, Narconon is being sued for wrongful deaths and non medical personnel doing their treatments, facilities have been closed down and people who have been harmed by the program are giving their testimonies.

    Narconon is hoping that they can sneak another one of these facilities into rural Ontario just because most residents don’t know. All can be found with a simple search on the internet. Just stay away from the Scientology sites which are cloaked in smoke and mirrors and many, many lies.

    Good luck to the fine folks in Milton. Kick this cult to the curb.

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