Ronnie Hawkins

He’s been a fixture of Canadian music for nearly six decades. An import from south of the border who spawned some of Canada’s most famous musical acts, from Domenic Troiano to Jack de Keyzer, Crowbar to The Band, dozens of Canadian musicians and bands owe their start to Rompin’ Ronnie Hawkins and the musical legend is heading out on the road once more.

Scot Urquhart got a chance to talk to the Arkansas native who’s had such a big impact, here in Canada.

He can’t romp and stomp like he used to, due to a battle with stomach cancer, and some other health issues, but Ronnie Hawkins can still spin a tale like no one else. After 55 years in this country, he still carries a distinct southern drawl, but his heart now belongs, to the great white north.

Ronnie Hawkins came to Canada in 1958 looking for work. It was a bit of a gamble.