Roll Up to Win contest glitch causes multiple fake $10K wins

VIDEO: Trouble is brewing for Tim Hortons after several customers who thought they had won a $10,000 prepaid American Express card were told they didn’t.

A fresh chocolate dip isn’t going to make this better for Scott Adams, a long-haul truck driver from Kentville, Nova Scotia. He picked up a medium black coffee Monday morning in Alberta on his way to Idaho with a load.

He excitedly called his wife after receiving a message saying he was the winner of a $10,000 card.

But that excitement turned to frustration Tuesday night when Tim Hortons emailed him saying there was a mistake. Instead, the franchise offered him a $50 credit on his Tim Hortons card.

“For a few hours on Monday morning, a technical error caused an issue for a small subset of Roll Up to Win players,” a spokesperson for Tim Hortons told CHCH News in an email.