Rising waters in Grand River causes flooding in Haldimand County

A high water warning is in effect for Haldimand County as the Grand River continues to rise, causing flooding throughout the region.

On Sunday, Haldimand County issued a flood warning for Caledonia, Cayuga, and Dunnville. The county advised residents to prepare their properties for a flood by securing items like patio furniture, moving valuable items from lower floors, and making sure their sump pumps are in working order.

The county says flows are expected to exceed those experienced during the June 2017 flood event.

Haldimand County Emergency Services will be closely monitoring conditions near the old arena and fairgrounds along the east bank of the river in Caledonia.

In Cayuga, crews will be preparing for the closure of River Dr., Sims Lock Rd., Grand Sports Dr. Conway Park will be notified and this area will be closely monitored.

Dunnville residents along the east bank of the Grand River on Main St., upstream of the Dunnville dam should prepare for a flood event.

Parents are reminded to keep children and pets away from shoreline areas as fast-moving water and slippery riverbeds can be extremely hazardous.

For information on who to contact regarding flooding and other tips for dealing with floods, click here.