Retirement home offers virtual doctor visits

It’s a new age way of visiting the doctor, and seniors are embracing the change. Abington Court Retirement Home in Hamilton is one of the first in Canada to offer their residents a doctor’s visit by video from a computer.

Normally when Ken Hall has to go for his check up, getting there with his wheelchair would be exhausting, but now he doesn’t have to leave retirement home.

The doctor who visits patients on a computer screen is Rick Tytus. He’s on call whenever a resident has a medical concern. Tytus says the video call check-up works much like a face to face doctor appointment.

With the help of an on site assistant, patients are able to do certain exams, without ever leaving the retirement home.

Hall’s ear infection was diagnosed and treated last week. Today on a follow up visit, he is feeling better.

The doctor also listened to Halls lungs with an electronic stethoscope, and the help of an onsite assistant.

But not everything can be done over the computer. The doctor sends a nurse to the retirement home for routine blood work and urine samples.

Savo Manojlovic had blood drawn in his apartment. He has also visited the doctor on the computer which is a new experience for him. But even the 94 year-old who is unfamiliar with technology says he’s grateful for the service, because getting to appointments was a challenge.

If the resident needs medication, the doctor faxes a prescription directly to the pharmacy, which delivers it promptly.


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