Residents of St. Catharines worried about safety after teen is stabbed

Niagara Regional Police are investigating a stabbing in St. Catharines that sent a 17 year-old boy to hospital Sunday afternoon.

The teen was treated for non-life threatening injuries and has since been released but people in the community are concerned about their safety.

“I was just seconds away from where it happened. Seconds. I turned my back and then police had it all lined off.”

Wendy Parker is one parent concerned about the well being of her children in their Manchester neighbourhood.

“I keep my kids inside. I stay in my own backyard. I get scared even walking to the grocery store.”

Niagara Police responded to a stabbing around 5 last night in the area of Manchester Avenue and Haig Street.

“They were telling everyone to get back in their units. If you have dogs, put them inside and this went on til about 8:30 or 9 o’clock last night.”

Photos provided by a resident show police at the scene blocking off an area with yellow police tape near this basketball court.

An area where friends Nikki Stone and Shiane Alton like to play.

“We just got lucky because we had just came from that way too.”

Niagara Police say the incident is a result of an altercation between several youth.

Residents in the Niagara Regional Housing Complex say they don’t know the teen, but are concerned about their safety.

Niagara Regional Housing has installed video surveillance cameras though due to privacy wouldn’t release the video.
in a statement they said: “Manchester was identified by the Niagara Region Housing Board as being in need of enhanced community development.”

While police are saying, “We do know that this was a targeted and our detectives with 1 District Criminal Investigations Branch are continuing to follow-up on that.”

Niagara Police say no arrests have been made at this point but the investigation continues.