“Remakerie” launches in Hamilton


The Drop n’ Shop is a re-use store at Hamilton’s Kilbride transfer station. The outlet is partnered with the city and Monday it launched a unique section called the Remakerie. It will feature goods repurposed — and proudly made by individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Colleen Craveiro cuts the ribbon during the launch of the Remakerie. The initiave is a partnership with Community Living Hamilton, which provides services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

“We made these. We made these!” The creative bunch beam with pride over their finished work.

Susan Torrance: “Was it a lot of hard work? Yeah! lots of work.”

Jennifer Krawczyk is from the Drop n’ Shop: “They really took time and really creatve with the paint they tinted some of it themselves and kept everything really low cost.”

Susan Torrance knows all the colours she used on her masterpiece. half the profits will go to the thrift store — the other half to community living programs.

Jennifer Krawczyk : “Anytime someone purchases a shirt, shoe or now our upcycled items that money goes into the services to help people with intellectual disabilities.”

The Remakerie serves more than one purpose. It takes everyday items out of local landfills and gives Susan and Colleen the opportunity to learn new skills and develop and entrepenural spirit. Right ladies? “Right!”

Karen Ratcliffe is with Communuty Living Hamilton: “A lot of our individuals don’t have a lot of money. It’s wonderful for them to earn that.”

But for Colleen Craveiro it was all about one thing: “How much fun was it to paint everything? it was fun to paint stuff,it was fun to do stuff.”

Community Living Hamilton provides physical activity, social interaction and life skills training to its clients. Remakerie upcycles things in a thrift store you wouldn’t normally take notice of and hopes you make them a focal point or centre piece in your home.


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