Recent research suggests workers with 4-day work weeks are happier and less stressed

How does a 3-day weekend sound to you? According to recent research, a majority of workers with 4-day work weeks are happier and less stressed, prompting more Canadian business to consider adopting the practice. To tell us more we were joined today by Tina Dacin, an organization expert and professor at Smith School of Business.

A new pilot of a 4-day work week was announced this week in the United Kingdom, leaving many Canadian businesses wondering if this is something they should consider for their employees.

Recent research from a non-profit 4 Day Week Global found that 78 per cent of employees with 4-day work weeks are happier and less stressed. Additionally, 63 per cent of businesses found it easier to attract at retain talent with a 4-day work week.

According to Dacin, a 4-day work week should be a consideration for some businesses in Canada. She says where it has been implemented in some countries, they have been working 4-days a week, for only six hours a day.

“Some people are thinking that it is doing the same work, but over a less number of days, or doing more work over a less number of days because of the pressure on employees to get finished in that 4-day time,” said Dacin.

She also recommends people take breaks so they don’t burn out and mix their personal and work life too much. If an employee is pressured to fit all their work into shorter hours and less days, they might neglect taking this break.

“Not taking a break every few hours, or every hour-and-a-half is just simply not healthy,” said Dacin.

Dacin says employers are starting to realize that it is difficult to attract people into the workforce right now and it is ultimately hard to keep employees once they have one.

“I think what we’re looking at down the road is a lot more flexibility at meeting employees where they need to be met to say, ‘what do you need, then how can we make this work for us and for you,'” said Dacin.