Raffi performs at Hamilton Place


Do you remember the beans trying on jeans at the corner grocery store? Then, you probably grew up listening to Raffi, one of Canada’s favourite children’s entertainers.

Raffi has been touring the country with his well-loved repertoire of hits, and today at Hamilton Place, a theatre full of adults was singing along.

“Quack quack quack. I just remembered that song was recorded right here in Hamilton! Cheers!”

Soon after, Raffi recalled that many of the songs he was singing were recorded in Hamilton back in the 1970’s.

Raffi credits Hamilton producer Dan Lanois with helping his music resonate with children and their parents back then.

On stage, he referred fondly to those “good times.” The songs they produced have provided good times for families ever since.

In Hamilton today, parents are nostalgic about Raffi’s music.

“They’re just easy to sing.”

“I took his mother, whose my daughter, many years ago. So I think this was more for me than him. Go figure. I knew all the songs. I was jumping up and down more than him.”

Some kids are hard to impress these days.

“I think it was more exciting for us. We have all the records from 1980. So we were very excited to take her here. I remember all the songs from kindergarten. we were singing along and it just made her happy.”

Raffi Cavoukian is an interesting guy. He believes children shouldn’t watch too much TV or be exposed to marketing, so in 30 years of stardom he has refused all commercial shows and endorsements. He’s also an environmental activist, and in recent years he’s taken up causes like the effects of online media on children.

Also, his little sister is Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s former Information and Privacy Commissioner.


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