Q&A With Original Tiny Talent Time Host Bill Lawrence

We asked “Uncle Bill” about his 35 years as host of the original Tiny Talent Time:


Q: Even though times have changed, what is it about Tiny Talent Time that you think will still ring true with viewers?

A: I think there is still the enjoyment and appreciation of watching young people perform – along with the wonderment of sweetness, innocence, sincerity, and performance ability for their age.

Q: What advice would you offer our new hosts as they get ready to snap their fingers and chat about wishes with the young performers?

A: Listen to the young performers, work with them, and remember that they are “the stars”.

Q: What are you hoping to see on the new Tiny Talent Time?

A: I hope the new show continues the tradition of showcasing children from various skill levels, performance styles, and ages.  The original Tiny Talent Time was created during a kinder, gentler time – and I hope to see some of that gentleness reflected in the new show.