Prudhomme’s Landing Inn fire

It is a derelict landmark and now the site of the former Prudhomme’s Landing Inn is at the centre of a suspicious fire. Just this month the 80 acre property in Vineland was sold after sitting vacant for years.

Locals are not surprised about the fire though, calling the hotel a sitting target.

The fire is believed to have started on the second floor and now an entire chunk of the building is gone.

For locals, including Vicky Thompson, seeing the burnt out wreckage was emotional.

“I just, I don’t know, brings back childhood memories I guess, It is sad. Heartbreaking. You know it used to be a nice place, a happening place, but now all it is is nothing.”

Fire officials say the blaze spread to the roof making the vacant building unsafe.

The property was once a bustling place to be. It was at one time home to the Wet n’ Wild water park but it all closed down in 2002.

Graffiti, broken windows and overgrown vegetation is all that remains, making it a popular spot for vandals.

“The building has been abandoned for more than a decade now, so I am not really surprised. I mean it was bound to happen. It has been a condemned building for quite awhile and that’s what happens to old buildings- they start to fall apart and people move in and make use of it.”

And it’s not the first time firefighters were called to the property. In 2009 Victoria Hall went up in flames. That fire was also suspicious in nature.

The land was sold to an Italian constriction company on June 9th. They plan on developing the site into homes and condos. The construction company says there will be round-the-clock security at the hotel.

Demolition work is expected to begin in the coming weeks and the site should be completley leveled by July.