Protesters deliver message over Canada Post cuts

Protesters outside federal labour minister Lisa Raitt's Milton constituency office, December 18, 2013

Chanting “save Canada Post, stop Harper, save Canada Post”, postal workers delivered over 12,000 letters to transport minister Lisa Raitt’s constituency office in Milton today to protest closures and downsizing.

The letters were signed by Canadians across the country prior to the corporation’s recent announcement that it will cut delivery and raise rates.

The vice-president of the postal workers’ union, Donald Lafleur says Canada Post has closed 40 urban post offices in the last two years and reduced the services at others.

“The last mandate review that was done by the Conservatives, Mr Campbell recommended that any changes at Canada Post, the corporation should look at the environmental impact. There is an environmental impact here in that they want letter carriers to be driving around instead of walking/delivering mail and customers driving around instead of picking up their mail.”

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra will make his first public comments today about the corporation’s planned service cuts and rate increases. He is among the witnesses expected to appear at a special Commons committee studying the proposals.


  1. We are a Burlington Company on Harvester Road and our plaza hasn’t received mail all week? We are trying to run a business with no bills or cheques coming it it’s making it very difficult? What’s going on Canada Post? Control your employees!

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