PPC staffer fired after links to neo-nazi group

The head of the St. Catharines riding of the People’s Party of Canada was fired over alleged past ties to a violent Neo-Nazi group in the United States.

48-year-old Shaun Walker was the riding president for candidate Alan DeRoo. Party spokesperson Johanne Mennie said that he was fired for not disclosing his past.

Although party members undergo background checks, they say this went unnoticed since it was in the US. Among other incidents, Walker was convicted in 2007 for arranging assaults of people of colour while with his group “The National Alliance.”

A party supporter told CHCH they submitted an application where the party vetted his resume, conducted a police check and social media accounts.

Each member signs an “embaressment clause” stating they would not make the party look bad. While the people’s party officials did not comment, a supporter of that political party tells us they do not support Walker’s views.

Many politicians in St. Catharines feel the same way. NDP candidate Dennis Van Meer is running on the same ticket as DeRoo, and says this was shocking to see in his community.

St. Catharines conservative candidate Krystina Waler says that she “completely condemns neo-nazism and white supremacy. These views are harmful and disgusting, and must not be tolerated.”

Walker could not be reached for comment and repeated attempts to contact the People’s Party went unanswered.