Potential buyer for Toronto Maple Leafs

Could the crown jewel of Canadian sport soon be in American hands?

It could be – if the rumours surrounding Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment are true. Word today has the mammoth conglomerate on the auction block for the second time this year, and that an American company is interested.

Providence Equity Partners of Rhode Island — are apparently taking a look at MLSE as an investment opportunity.

But it’s a big investment. MLSE owns the Leafs and Marlies, the Raptors, Toronto FC, the Air Canada Centre where the Leafs and Raptors play, as well as a new condo development, two restaurants, and several other interests.

It’s a big package, with a big price: estimated at roughly $2 billion. Some analysts are questioning whether it’s worth it. The company generates lots of revenue, but it may be near the top end of the growth scale.

Video: Scot Urquhart reports: