Police warn shoppers of purse thefts

Beginning today and running for the next few weeks leading into the holiday shopping season, Halton Police are going to several grocery stores in the region reminding people to be vigilant about their purses when shopping, particularly elderly woman.

This comes after a recent string of purse snatching in the region.

“The female suspect came from the front of the store, blocked her with her buggy, she then engaged in conversation. The male took his red coat, through it over top of her purse, lifted out her wallet and walked away. The purse was gone and she was out about $2200 cash.” Det. Sgt. Derek Gray, Halton police.

Leading up to the holiday season, officers are giving out cards to shoppers with tips to make sure you keep your belongings safe when you’re shopping. Some of the top tips include: leaving your SIN card, passport and birth certificate at home, keeping your wallet at the bottom of your purse and police can’t stress this one enough, don’t get distracted.  Quite often the thieves work in teams.