Police warn of Hamilton sex offender

Hamilton Police are taking the unusual step of warning residents about a convicted sex offender who’s been released into the community.

35 year-old Keith Theodore Constantin was released from custody on Wednesday and moved to an area near Gage Park Friday.

He has prior convictions for sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, robbery and possession of explosives.

He’s not allowed to be near day care centres, swimming areas, schools or playgrounds and he’s not allowed to be with anyone under the age of 16, unless the 16 year old is with a responsible adult over 18.


  1. Who is going to make sure he doesn’t go near the park or the school located in that area? I am discussed that Correction Canada continues to allow these sex offenders loose in our neighbour hoods. The Gage Park area is surrounded by children. WTG Corrections Canada….smart move.

  2. So this person has been released near gage park?.Should’nt the fool who did the release have the guy in their neighborhood?That way a good eye could be kept on him!.

  3. I’m sure that has several people on high alert over the news of a sex offender being released into the community of Hamilton. Can’t say I would go to that area alone that’s for sure. Thanks for the advice from Hamilton police

  4. people like that should stay locked up! if not in jail than a mental facility because there’s obviously something wrong with them!!

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