Police investigate falling rocks on Jolley Cut

Hamilton Police are investigating after a man’s car was damaged by rocks, while he was driving along the Jolley Cut. The man believes they were thrown.

Ron Crumb says he’s lucky to be alive after large rocks hit his car. He was coming home from work and had just starting going up the access, on Arkledun. There was another car that was also hit.

Crumb called police as soon as he got up the mountain, got out of his vehicle and saw the damage, several dents on his SUV, including one on the roof, just over the windshield.

Police tell CHCH News they are investigating the case, but its too early to say if the rocks were thrown, or somehow tumbled from the escarpment along the access. There have been issues in the past with rocks and debris falling along the Sherman Access. The city’s Public Works Department says they have not had any reports of falling rocks recently, on any access, and do not typically experience the issue on the Jolley Cut.

Regardless of where the rocks came from, Crumb has a hefty bill to foot.

Crumb went on to say, he knows it could have been a lot worse, and is hoping that others driving through the area, especially at night, are extra careful. Police meantime, are looking to speak with anyone else, that may have experienced a similar incident in the area.