Police bust massive illegal grow-op in St. Catharines

Eleven people have been arrested in a bust of a massive illegal marijuana grow-op in St. Catharines.

Niagara Regional Police say the investigation began because of complaints from the public.

Officers executed a search warrant at a building in the area of Third St. Louth and Main St. Tuesday morning.

Inside they found a “well-organized and large scale” cannabis growing operation with over 17,000 plants in various stages of growth.

Police estimate the value of the plants at $34 million.

This is the largest marijuana grow-op investigated by Niagara Police.

The 11 people found inside have been arrested and charged with unauthorized production of cannabis contrary to the Federal Cannabis Act.

Charged are:

  • Yongqi Liu, 51, of Scarborough
  • Lin Feng Shi, 41, of Markham
  • Jin Chin Jian, 35, of Markham
  • Xiao Ping Yang, 51, of Scarborough
  • Junso Dong, 48, of Scarborough
  • Jinying Xue, 52, of Scarborough
  • Libo Qian, 54, of Toronto
  • Qiaoguo Yang, 50, of Scarborough
  • Zengshou Liu, 63, of St. Catharines
  • Yingqiu Lin, 68, Of New York, USA

Police say there is one more person who has yet to be identified.