Police asking for public’s help in identifying suspected robber

Hamilton police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a man after a large amount of cash was stolen from a local arena.

Officials say a man entered the establishment, broke into a change room, and stole American money from a wallet.

The suspect then fled the scene minutes later in a red Ford Escape.

Police would like to remind people to lock up any valuables when using public facilities.

Anyone that could help identify the suspect is asked to contact police.


  1. This is not a Robber because it is not a ‘Robbery”.This is a thief.

    Perhaps since he gained entrance to effect the theft, it could stretch to the definition of Break and Enter, ie “Burglary”, but unlikely that charge would prevail at trial. It is a theft.

    Robbery by definition, is theft accompanied by violence or threat of violence, before during or after. Think gas bars and banks … those are ‘robberies’.

    Break Ins are not robberies either. They are ‘entries’ or ‘burglaries’ …

    May seem a small point, but as a former 911 Supervisor, I can tell you when the public calls in and reports a ‘robbery’ …

    Operators and Dispatchers spend unnecessary time sorting out what they mean by that, delaying response in creating the call for service if it is an actual ‘robbery’ versus coming home and finding their home has been burgled, which while serious, does not usually require an emergency lights/siren response.

    Mass media, inculcate these misuses of words, in my opinion. The public sees, hears it or reads it, thinks you know, and so adopts your wording.

    Think how often you hear ‘scary’ right after a reporter thrusts a mic into a person’s face, asks the question and the response is rarely descriptive English; folks fall back on what they think is the right word in those circumstances. You taught them.

    Watch the same questions asked in Britain of members of the public and the responses are far more articulate, using words like, “chilling”, ”disturbing” and ”frightening”… rarely do they parrot back the word “Scary”.

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