Plywood pierces through windshield of car on Ontario highway

It was a drive Jaspreet Sran will never forget after a sheet of plywood came flying at her car Wednesday afternoon on Highway 410 in Brampton.

“When I saw the piece of wood coming for my car, I never imagined that it would hit my car that way,” said Sran.

Not only did it hit her car but it went right through the windshield. She and her friend were in the front seat, her mother-in-law was in the back. Miraculously, they all escaped with only minor injuries.

“When you hear that, you think the worst,” said Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. “When we got to the scene, all three occupants inside this vehicle amazingly only had minor injuries.”

Witnesses got the licence plate number of the vehicle that was hauling the wood. It drove away from the scene.

“We know it’s an SUV hauling a small utility trailer. “We’re working on speaking with the registered owners and trying to determine who was driving the vehicle at the time,” said Schmidt.

Sran said she was very lucky no one hit her car from behind when she stopped in the live lanes of the busy highway.

Schmidt says the OPP receives calls about objects striking vehicles throughout the year. “We investigate 150 wheel separations every year. In addition, to loads coming off vehicles. We’ve seen metal, rocks stones from vehicles or off over passes,” he said.