Tim Bolen



After completing his education in Sports Business at Brock University, Tim did some traveling and finally moved to the big city of Toronto where he assumed various jobs from door to door sales, to headhunting, to washing dishes and even dressing up as Darth Vader for an eight year old child’s birthday party, before he realized what he truly wanted to do.

“I liked watching TV,” says Tim. “My mom laughed at my jokes… sometimes. So I thought, why not? I went back to school, took some classes, and boom! Within a few months I had a gig on The Weather Network showing off my pointing skills. This was the perfect starting point for a career on air,” claims Tim. “At certain points I had to ad lib for five to ten minutes about… you guessed it… the weather.”

Along the way Tim hosted Structures, which explored the history and architecture of Toronto, Toronto Living and Daytime Toronto.

“A very valued mentor along the way once told me, in order to have longevity in this industry the best thing you can do is learn, and soak up as many skills as you can.”  Tim was able to do just that by becoming a writer, producer, and host at Sun TV while in charge of their entertainment program Inside Jam. This gave him the experience of developing a story from its inception and following it along until it makes it to air. “This is how you truly become a storyteller, and that’s what our business is all about,” he says.

Tim continues his journey of learning on air as the Sports & Adventure Reporter on Morning Live, weekdays from 6-10am on CHCH.. “I am excited about continuing to work on new muscles within my career while standing true to the one reason I got into this crazy biz – to affect somebody’s day in positive way.”

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