Kelly Noseworthy



Kelly is an international award-winning journalist based in Hamilton. Her 15 years of experience combines radio, television, film, digital, and print journalism. Recognized for her compelling and insightful story-telling, Kelly has covered wide variety of topics such as personal health and wellness, agriculture, science, energy, weather, environmental health and sustainability, general local, national and international news, fitness, lifestyle and plant-based nutrition.

Her work has exposed the challenges of Aboriginal culture in northern communities and the impacts of natural gas power plants in close proximity to neighbourhoods. Kelly has also created, produced and hosted television programming about environmental awareness.

Her experience and adventurous personality have allowed her to connect with people striving to make a difference in their communities. She thrives on finding unique angles to the human stories she has a passion for sharing. Besides her work on CHCH her features have appeared on Rogers Television, The Weather Network, in The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star, and CBC.
She has volunteered for Recycling Council of Ontario, SABAR (Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection) and other local groups. She also enjoys entertaining family and friends, trail running, hiking, exploring other cultures/countries, reading, cooking/baking and gardening.

Kelly is a certified plant-based, whole-foods educator. She is currently studying Holistic Nutrition at Edison Institute of Nutrition and will be certified as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. She is also a mindfulness based coach and teaches Meditation at Mohawk College and her home-based studio.

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