Passenger woke up ‘all alone’ after being left on Air Canada plane

Air Canada is investigating after crew members disembarked from a plane without noticing a sleeping passenger who was left behind.

A woman says she woke up “all alone” on a “cold dark” aircraft after a flight to Toronto earlier this month.

In a post on Air Canada’s Facebook page, Tiffani Adams said she woke up about two hours after her flight landed and tried to call her friend but her phone died. She said she was unable to charge it because power to the plane was off.

Adams said she managed to find a flashlight and open the cabin door. “Now I’m facing a 40-50 ft drop to the pavement below. I hang out the door to get the attention of ground crew. I can see Pearson’s lights but too far away,” Adams writes.

She eventually got the attention of an airport staff member who was driving a luggage cart. The employee brought over a ladder and got the woman off of the plane.

According to The Associated Press, Air Canada confirmed the incident took place but would not comment on its disembarking procedures or how the passenger may have been overlooked.

The woman says has been experiencing anxiety and night terrors since the incident occurred.