Parents of children with autism protest hoping to change the province’s new funding plan

Parents and families of children with autism rallied in Oakville Friday, to convince the province to rethink the changes to public autism funding.

7-year old Connor McCarthy has a severe case of autism. He comes to the Gregory school near Brantford to receive full time support which his mom says has produced significant results.

“He’s learned so much. He’s learned so many independent skills, like getting dressed and participating in every day life.”

Sheri McCarthy says the provincial changes to public autism funding that are meant to eliminate the 23,000 child wait list will be devastating. They were getting $80 000 a year, now that will be slashed to $5 000 a year.

“5,000 a year is what the government has said my son is eligible to receive. and $5,000 does absolutely nothing.”

Parents are worried that without needs based therapy, children suffering with autism won’t be able to get the necessary treatment in order to successfully integrate into school.

Doctor Julie Koudys from the Gregory school finds the change alarming, saying this is one of the most significantly concerning changes to programming that she has seen in her 20 year career.