Pam Jamieson retiring from the SPCA

After more than 26-years of finding homes for pets, the face of the Hamilton and Burlington SPCA is retiring.

“I took a bus from Dundas all the way down to Parkdale, and I told them I wasn’t going to leave until they hired me. They hire me on the spot.”

And Pam Jamieson hasn’t stopped working there since. Jamieson is also known for appearing on Morning Live hundreds of times. Her first CH appearance was more than 25 years ago.

Her last day will be December 2nd, but she says animals she encounters are never forgotten. She says she looks forward to moving to a house by the lake with her husband, surrounded by wildlife.


  1. She is amazing. So sad to she her go. She did so much for the animals and always made me feel welcomed when I was a volunteer. Thank you Pam for your many years of hard work. So many animals are in better places because of you! Enjoy your retirement!

  2. There is nobody who can replace that woman with the love she has for everything furry! I know I am speaking for many when I say HAMILTON will miss you! Good luck in your new home!

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