Pacman on Hamilton streets

A classic arcade game has been taken to the streets of Hamilton.

The group Cycle Hamilton has spray painted temporary Pacman symbols on Hamilton streets to draw attention to the safe and dangerous areas for cyclists in the city. They are calling it Pacmanham.

It works much like the game. When you see fruit on your route, that’s a good thing it means the area has connected bike lanes and is safe for riders. But encountering ghosts is where the problems lie. Like where Ferguson street crosses Main.

Cycle Hamilton hopes that the city makes implementing the cycling master plan a priority which would create a larger network of bike lanes. They say these Pacman ghosts make the public aware that there’s still a ways to go.


  1. With due respect for what these folks are trying to accomplish, adding yet one more symbol to the roadway and urban landscape, accomplishes little while adding to confusion.

    A traffic symbol should not have to be explained and should serve a real purpose to all road users. While whimsical, this is really nothing but city-authorised graffiti.

  2. Interesting that at the end of the video, these responsible folks, espousing road safety for cyclists, ride diagonally off through a crosswalk to enter the traffic flow, cutting in front of pedestrians, an action which they would never consider safe or legal, were they driving a car!

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